• heba younes
    February 28, 2022 at 10:20 pm

    1bet ..scammers ,elusive , do not trap your winnings because you will never be able to withdraw your real money deposited , you will be surprised when you play for 50 dollars and you win 250 and you decivde to withdraw they will tell you that you have deposited and lost before 400 for example and you will need to roll it over 400x 6 times in order to withdraw ur winning other wise all your withdrawals will be Rejected , so this way of scam they will keep you depositing to chase your losses, my advice stay away and read even on Trust Pilot im not the only one . no other website treat customers like this ,i have other accounts with other websites . the most elusive chat i ever seen ,one live agent would tell you something and next day if you go to ask about the same thing another agent would deny and would tell you what you were informed was wrong , you will run inside infinite cirles

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