Guide to Online Sports Betting

OnlineSportsBetting.Guide lists hundreds of online sports betting operators which offer services in various regions of the world. We are dedicated to keep an honest approach to bookmaker ratings and reviews, actively monitoring and filtering out fake comments posted with the target to either artificially improve a sportsbook rating or downgrade it. New bookmaker websites are added constantly, targeting different markets.

We invite anyone with experience in sports betting, who placed a bet with an online bookmaker, to leave a review and rating. Your support is appreciated on this matter as other users will be able to go through these reviews and make a decision for playing with certain sportsbook. While players alone can be scammed, as a community we can work together to raise red flags on problematic operators and filter them out.

the definitive spors betting guide with reviews and ratings

Online Sports Betting Guide

OnlineSportsBetting.Guide monitors a number of online sports betting sites to offer quick references in terms of their sports offers, bonuses and promotions, all along an editorial review and ratings from users.The guide covers bookmakers from various jurisdictions, licensed to offers their services to customers in multiple legal markets. From European countries like United Kingdom, France, Spain and other to Americas, like the United States, Mexico and Latin American territories like Peru or Colombia. In Africa we also see an increase in interest in online sports betting, with some countries here too offering a legalized framework for online operations. Australia and New Zealand offer a standalone approach to betting, while Asia sees some operations managed from the Philippines, the regional regulator for online gaming.

Given the large number of options around the world, OnlineSportsBetting.Guide was developed to offer ease in searching and choosing the right bookmaker, no matter the desired market, sporting events, extra services and betting features included. With over 150 reviewed sportsbook operators and comparisons, our website is a leading  reference for the online betting community.