Responsible Gambling

Any gambling activity is a game of chance and can incur loses of entire capital staked. Gambling can also create addiction with some people at risk of developing such a disorder, which will have a negative impact on their lives and their families. That is why we recommend a responsible approach to any gambling activity. is a website which offers various info and resources regarding gambling addiction and local helplines which users can access in case they feel they are having a problem in gambling.

Know your limits

First of all, each user should know their limits. Financial limits means any gambling activity should be done purely as recreational purpose and should not use money that were meant for something else entirely (rent, credit repayments, bills, food, family vacations etc.). Having this in mind, each should set a limit for gambling (maximum amount to be spent in a month for example).

Seek help

If users find themselves spending money in gambling more they should and can afford, they should seek help. There are many helplines available in each country ready to answer your questions and offer you moral support to put any addiction aside. Furthermore, most online gambling operators can help you in limiting or complexly restricting your gaming activity – simply check these details on their website or contact support.